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9th LCPM Laurel 2009


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

7:30AM Check in and Breakfast
8:30AM Opening and welcome
8:30AM Getting There: Delivery Methods.
9:00AM Takanao Saiki JAXA Flight Result of IKAROS Deep Space Solar Sail Demonstrator Invited
9:20AM Dave Carrell JHUAPL Autonomous Aerobraking For Low-Cost Interplanetary Missions Oral
9:35AM Curt Neibur NASA HQ Opening up the Box: ASRG Missions in the Discovery Program Oral
9:50AM John McCarthy Orbital Sciences Corporation Planetary Missions Enabled by New Low Cost Launch Vehicles Oral
10:05AM James L. Hall NASA KSC NASA Launch Services Program (LSP) Overview Oral
10:20AM Keith Karuntzos United Launch Alliance United Launch Alliance Rideshare Capabilities To Support Low-Cost Planetary Missions Oral
10:35AM Break
10:50AM John W. Dankanich NASA Glenn Electric Propulsion Mission Viability within the Discovery Class Cost Cap Oral
11:05AM Masato Nakamura JAXA Return to Venus of AKATSUKI Invited
11:20AM Eric Pencil NASA Glenn Products from NASA's In-Space Propulsion Technology Program Applicable to Low-Cost Planetary Missions Oral
11:35AM Q&A time
11:50AM Lunch
12:45PM Instrumentation
12:45PM Jim Masciarelli Ball Flash Lidar Sensors for Planetary Missions Oral
1:00PM David J. Lawrence JHUAPL The Neutron, Gamma-ray, X-ray Spectrometer (NGXS): A Compact Instrument for Making Combined Measurements of Neutrons, Gamma-rays, and X-rays Oral
1:15PM Andrew McGovern JHUAPL Cost Effective Operation of the CRISM Instrument Oral
1:30PM John C. Brasunas NASA GSFC CIRS-lite, a Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Low-Cost Planetary Missions Oral
1:45PM Ben Bussey JHUAPL Mini-RF, A Lightweight SAR for the Moon Oral
2:00PM Karl Hibbitts JHUAPL Observing Water on Moon at 3-μm from a suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles Oral
2:15PM Tilak Hewagama NASA GSFC Miniature, Low-Power, Waveguide Based Infrared Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Spacecraft Remote Sensing Oral
2:30PM Pascale Ehrenfreund GWU The O/OREOS Mission -- Astrobiology in Low Earth Orbit Oral
2:50PM Q&A time
3:00PM Break
3:10PM Mission Concepts
3:10PM Marsha Schwinger JHUAPL Trojan Asteroid Tour Mission Concepts on a New Frontiers Budget Oral
3:25PM Alfred S. McEwen University Of Arizona Io Volcano Observer (IVO): Budget Travel to the Outer Solar System Oral
3:40PM David Gump Astrobotic Delivery of Lunar Surface Payloads on a Cost-Shared Commercial Robotic Expedition Oral
3:55PM Andy Cheng JHUAPL Next Gen NEAR: Near Earth Asteroid Human Robotic Precursor Mission Concept Oral
4:10PM Richard Elphic NASA Ames The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) Mission Oral
4:25PM Poster Reception

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

7:30AM Checkin and Breakfast
8:00AM Day Two Welcome
8:10AM Special Session - NASA Discovery 10 Selections
8:10AM Ralph Lorenz JHUAPL Titan Mare Explorer (TiME) Oral
8:25AM Bruce Banerdt JPL Geophysical Monitoring Station (GEMS) Oral
8:40AM Q&A time
8:50AM Mission Concepts
8:50AM Junichiro Kawaguchi JAXA Entry into the Age of Solar System Exploration and Discovery with Cutting-Edge Technology - Hayabusa, IKAROS and Future Invited
9:10AM Rex Ridenoure Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation Spinning Landers: A New Spacecraft System Architecture For Solar System Exploration Oral
9:25AM Ken Hibbard JHUAPL Near-Earth Survey Telescope (NEST): A Robotic Precursor Concept to Enable Human Exploration of Near-Earth Objects Oral
9:40AM Stefan E. Slagowski Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. A Penetrator-Based Sensor Network for Planetary Geophysics Oral
9:55AM Robert Gold JHUAPL A Uranus Mission Concept Oral
10:10AM Q&A time
10:20AM Break
10:20AM Tim Larson JPL High Science Value, Low Cost - Overview of the EPOXI and Stardust NExT Missions Invited
10:40AM Doug Eng JHUAPL Vesta Interior Structure Mission Concept Oral
10:55AM Michael Paul Penn State Low-cost Lunar Lander Mission with Mobility for in-situ Imaging Oral
11:10AM Patrick Michel University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, CNRS MarcoPolo-R: Near Earth Asteroid Sample Return Mission selected for the assessment study phase of the ESA program Cosmic Vision 2 Oral
11:25AM Scott Murchie JHUAPL MERLIN: Mars-Moon Exploration, Reconnaissance and Landed Investigation Oral
11:40AM Stephan Ulamec DLR Landing on Small Bodies: From the Rosetta Lander to MASCOT and Beyond Oral
11:55PM Ralph McNutt JHUAPL MESSENGER at Mercury: Early Orbital Operations Invited
12:15PM Lunch
1:00PM Teck H. Choo JHUAPL SciBox, An End-to-End Automated Science Planning and Commanding System Oral
1:15PM Eileen Stansbery NASA JSC The Role of Sample Return in Low Cost Mission Concepts Oral
1:30PM Mission Design to support Low Cost Approaches
1:30PM Ravikumar Chandramouli ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre A Low-Cost Orbiter Mission to Mars Oral
1:45PM Dan O'Shaughnessy JHUAPL MESSENGER's use of Solar Sailing for Cost and Risk Reduction Oral
2:00PM Jim McAdams JHUAPL MESSENGER's Mercury Orbit Insertion Maneuver: Design Chronology, Contingency Preparedness, and Final Results Oral
2:15PM Ramakrishan Sharma ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Optimal Capture Orbit for Aerobraking Oral
2:30PM Seisuke Fukuda JAXA Conceptual Study on SLIM: Smart Lunar Landing Technology Demonstrator Oral
2:45PM Yanping Guo JHUAPL Halfway Flight Performance of the New Horizons Mission Oral
Depart for the UDVAR HAZY MUSEUM NLT 3:15. Snacks available on the Bus, return to APL at 7:45 PM.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

7:30AM Checkin and Breakfast
8:30AM Day Three Welcome
8:35AM NASA's Next New Frontiers Mission
8:35AM Joe Nuth NASA GSFC OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission Oral
8:35AM Technology Design to Support Low Cost Approaches
8:50AM G. Nagendra Rao ISRO Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems Low-cost APS star trackers for attitude sensing and navigation Oral
9:05AM Kazunori Ogawa JAXA Low-Power Long-Term Survival System for Scientific Instruments on the Moon Oral
9:20AM V.L.N. Sridhar Raja, ISRO, Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems Development of Electro-Optical Payloads for Low-Cost Planetary Missions at LEOS-ISRO: A Case Study Oral
9:35AM Maria T. Zuber MIT Overview of the GRAIL Mission to the Moon Invited
9:55AM Hajime Hayakawa JAXA BepiColombo Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO) Invited
10:15AM Q&A time
10:30AM Break
10:45AM Cost Management Approaches
10:45AM Dewey Barlow JHUAPL Improved Cost Monitoring and Control through EVMS: a Project Perspective Oral
11:00AM David Bearden Aerospace The Evolution of Complexity and Cost for Planetary missions throughout the Development Lifecycle. Oral
11:15AM Larry Wolfarth JHUAPL The Application of TRL Metrics to Cost Prediction Models for Low-Cost Planetary Missions: “A Practitioners Guide to Applying Cost Correction Factors to Technology" Oral
11:30AM Joe Grebowsky NASA GSFC MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Mission) Invited
11:50AM Q&A time
12:05PM Lunch
1:00AM J. N. Goswami ISRO Physical Research Laboratory Chandrayaan-2 Mission  Invited
1:20PM Mission Management Techniques
1:20PM Andy Dantzler JHUAPL Programmatic Requirements Oral
1:35PM Tatsuaki Hashimoto JAXA Scalability and affordability of lunar landing missions Oral
1:50PM John Toeltzsch Ball The Kepler Management Story - Techniques for Recovering a threatened program Oral
2:05PM Artur B. Chmielewski JPL US Rosetta Project: NASA's contribution to ESA's Comet Chaser Invited
2:20PM N Srinivasa Hegde ISRO Satellite Centre Chandrayaan-1 Mission Management Oral
2:35PM Q&A time
2:45PM Break
3:00PM Panel Discussion: Programmatic Requirements and their Impact on Mission Efficiency

Moderator: Doug Stetson, Space Science and Exploration Group

Dave Bearden, Aerospace Corporation
Andy Dantzler, JHUAPL
Carlos Liceaga, NASA
Susan Neibur, Neibur Consulting
4:30PM Poster Reception
6:00PM Banquet

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